Experiences on and around the campsite

There are many different experiences on and around the site

Visit the Arena in Aabenraa

Large water park with sauna and gym

Visit Paintball Delux

Paintball, laser games, bumberballs, kangaroo boxing

Visit the Sports Center in Aabenraa

Bowling, playground, laser game and mini golf

Cycling and hiking in Aabenraa

There are many excursion destinations in Southern Jutland. Aabenraa City Camping is centrally located in relation to many of the hiking and cycling routes you will find in Aabenraa and the surrounding area.

Hiking routes Aabenraa

If you want to see Aabenraa on foot, it is recommended to follow the clover paths. The clover paths consist of four routes, a city and culture route, an art route, a nature and biology route and a health and exercise route. The routes are of different lengths and can be combined as desired.
Link to Kløverstierne.

In the area of Aabenraa there are many other scenic hiking routes, including Gendarmstien, Kalvøruten, the routes on Løjtland and Barsø and many more.
See more hiking opportunities in Aabenraa here.


Gendarmstien is one of Denmark’s most beautiful coastal hiking trails. 84 kilometers of hiking route along the Danish-German border. The Gendarmstien stretches from the Danish-German border at Padborg over Kollund, Rinkenæs, Gråsten, Broagerland and Vemmingbund, past Dybbøl and on to Sønderborg and Høruphav on Als to Skovby on Sydals.

The route is divided into five day stages.

  • The mountain stage
  • Brick – the stage
  • The collar stage
  • Beach stages
  • The mill stage

Cycling route Aabenraa

In Southern Jutland you will find over 300 km of cycle routes, including 140 km of the Baltic Sea route that goes through Southern Jutland.

In Aabenraa you can find a lot of local routes to i.a. Løjtland, Genner, Rødekro and more.
Cycling route Aabenraa.

If you are more into mountain biking, there are many MTB tracks in Southern Jutland, one of them is located in the Aabenraa forests. It is a medium-heavy route of 8.4 km, where the total ascent on the route is 200 meters.
Mountain bike trail in Aabenraa.


The army road, or ox road as it is also called, was used from the Middle Ages onwards as the main road to the rest of Europe.
The road was used both for cattle drives and transportation of merchandise and war armies.
Along the army road there are a number of sights, which eg. Hærulfstenen a runic stone from approx. year 900 e.kr north of Rødekro or Immervad bridge, Povlsbro and Geilåbro which are well preserved made of boulders.
Experience the army road on foot or by bike.


Bicycle rides


Sportscentrum Aabenraa

Fun activities for everyone

The Aabenraa Sports Center is just 3 km from Aabenraa City Camping.

They have a great selection of different activities and there is fun and games for everyone.

The activities they offer include bowling, mini golf, pool, game room, playground, laser game and squash.

There is also the opportunity for something to eat and drink. They have both a café and a restaurant.

Sportscentrum gives all customers who stay at Aabenraa City Camping or our other campsite Gåsevig Strand Camping 25% on all activities.

Contact us or see more www.sportscentrum.dk


Mini golf




Aabenraa Badeland

Southern Jutland’s best swimming pool with slide

Arena Aabenraa is just 2 km from Aabenraa City Camping.
Here are 2 pools. One pool is a sports pool, 6 courses of 25 m. In this pool there are 2 seesaws, one of 1 m and one of 3 m.

The second is a hot water pool suitable for toddlers. In this pool there is a counter-current channel, massage jets, as well as a water cannon and other figures that spray water.

For those who like speed, the water park also includes a 60 meter long water slide.
The water park also includes a Turkish steam bath, saunas and a spa pool.

For those who need to train, Arena Aabenraa also has a well-equipped gym.

Arena Aabenraa gives all customers who stay at Aabenraa City Camping or our other campsite Gåsevig Strand Camping special prices.

Admission to the water park or gym costs only DKK 30 where the normal price is DKK 46.

Read more about the water park located in Arena Aabenraa, the prices and their opening hours via the link here.

Swimming pool



High Park

Visit Southern Jutland’s coolest climbing park.

Climbing park and mini golf course at Genner Hoel. High Park has 5 different courses, all of which have different levels of difficulty.

If you want to enjoy the forest in a whole new way, up under the treetops with the brook rippling below you, then High park is for you.

Are you for speed and altitude, then take the cable car across the gorge.

If you are more into cosiness, take a game of mini golf and then enjoy a nice pancake in Pandekagehuset.

Read more about what HighPark can offer.

Cable car

Climbing park

Mini golf

Paintball Delux

Outdoor activity center near Aabenraa in Southern Jutland

Paintball-deluxe is a large outdoor activity center. They have one of northern Europe’s largest outdoor paintball courts.

      In addition to Paintball, they offer other activities such as:


  • Lasergame
  • Bow hunting
  • Mega boxing
  • Bumper balls
  • Mega table football
    And more…

Lots of opportunities to create ad fun day.




Acture Park in Southern Jutland

More than 50 different activities

Do you enjoy getting your heart rate up and have sweat on one’s forehead? Then Acture Park is definitely for you.

Here are experiences that mix nature and action.

Among the 50 different activities, we can mention:

Go-kart on Denmark’s longest go-kart track.
Streetdome A mecca for skaters.
3D Archery in Pamhule forest
Climbing on Jutland’s highest climbing wall.

Read more about Acture Park and see prices and opening hours.

Skating rink

Go cart

3D Archery

Black Sun

Facts about black sun

Marshes and stalk bones are the prerequisite for Black Sun.
The starling comes to the marsh to eat stalk bone and goose beetle larvae, which are found in the largest quantities in moist grasslands. During the day they especially look for food in the outer corners of Tøndermarsken, and at night they look for roof pipes where they spend the night.

Black Sun is found in many places, but most are in the Tønder and Ballum marshes.
Black Sun means “sleep safely”. The starlings gather in the large flocks because they are then better able to repel attacks from birds of prey.

The sleeping areas are constantly being moved to cheat the birds of prey and because the roof pipes break after a few days of use, whereby the starling gets to sit with its feet in water. It costs too much energy. One can therefore never be completely sure where the starlings go down to spend the night.


Enormous flocks

Black Sun in Tøndermarsken can sometimes hold up to 1 mill. birds. When the overnight flock becomes over 500,000 birds, the flock splits up, causing too much inner turmoil.

The name Black Sun.

It could not actually be called anything else. The name was first used in 1974, when nature guide Iver Gram showed the phenomenon in front of participants on a public nature trip.

Black Sun spring and autumn

The phenomenon is seen in spring and autumn, most birds are there in autumn.
The starlings come from all the countries around the Baltic Sea and Norway.

Many more excursions

There are countless excursions in the area. Take a look at them both in the Aabenraa area and Haderslev.

Golf courses close to Aabenraa Citycamping

Southern Jutland has some of Denmark’s most beautiful golf courses


Come and try some of Denmark’s most beautiful golf courses. Within 1 hour drive you will find 6 golf courses.

Southern Jutland golf experiences

6 golf courses in Southern Jutland have merged into a green fee scheme. This applies to golfers who visit the various golf clubs, as well as members of the respective golf clubs.

The 6 golf clubs are:

Sønderjyllands golfklub – Åbenrå – 10 km – telephone: 74 68 75 25
Aabenraa Golf Club – Løjtland – 14 km – telephone: 74 75 07 50
Benniksgård golf club – Gråsten – 22 km – telephone: 74 65 22 68
Tønder golf club – Tønder – 41 km – telephone: 74 73 43 13
Sønderborg Golf Club – Augustenborg – 43 km – telephone: 74 47 37 97
Nordborg Golf Club – Nordborg – 56 km – telephone: 74 45 00 05

In addition, there are 4 more golf courses near Aabenraa City Camping:
Haderslev Golf Club – Haderslev – 34 km – telephone: 74 52 83 01
Brundtlandbanen – Toftlund – 38 km – telephone: 74 83 16 00
Royal Oak – Jels / Rødding – 49 km – telephone: 74 55 32 94
Kolding Golf Club – Kolding – 76 km – telephone: 75 52 37 93

If you want to know more about the different golf clubs, go to the different websites or look more at www.golf.dk.
If you have any questions, please contact us, we are ready to help.

Cultural experiences in and around Aabenraa

Aabenraa has many cultural experiences

Aabenraa is an old medieval town where the harbour was the city’s lifeblood and livelihood.
If you are interested in the city’s history, it is recommended to take a security tour through Aabenraa’s old town, walk past Brundlund Castle and the castle garden or get the cultural history at Museum Sønderjylland.

Aabenraa and the surrounding area also offers exciting museums, among others Museum Sønderjylland located in Aabenraa, Frøslevlejren’s museum, where you will get an insight into Southern Jutland’s dramatic history around World War II or visit Kalvø shipyard museum.


The area around Aabenraa is characterized by its many watermills.

Rundemølle is beautifully situated at the bottom of a valley by Genner bay and Kalvø cove. On the slope right by the hollow road that winds down towards the watermill, there is a fantastic view over the cove and the bay towards Barsø.

Stenbjerg watermill “æ knapp” with a beautifully restored excursion restaurant in Swiss style is located in a scenic gorge down to Aabenraa fiord.

Farversmølle is located on the edge of Sønderskoven, quite close to Aabenraa City Camping, with mill pond and idyllic nature.

Nymølle is beautifully situated on a hillside in the western part of the town by Søst skov. Nymølle is a 2-storey mill that can be traced all the way back to the 1600s.

To the east are Krusmølle and Felsbækmølle. The two turbines were so close that over the years there were long-standing disputes over the turbine right.

At Krusmølle, there is today candle foundry and applied art.

The watermill trip can suitably end with Brundlund Castle which is located in the middle of the city by Slotsmølleåen. Here is an art museum, café and an idyllic castle garden.

Rail bikes

Rent a rail bike and take the trip from Aabenraa to Rise on one of Denmark’s most beautiful railway lines.

The rail bikes are easy to ride and on each bike there is a chair and there is room for 1 adult + a child.

On the stretch it is possible to have a picnic, because there are picnic areas with tables and benches.

Read more about aabenraa veteranbane here.

The port

Aabenraa is an old maritime town, with proud traditions and a remarkable history, which among other things tells about the sailing of the Aabenra boats on the China coast.

Experience at the Aabenraa museum the very special exhibition on the subject.

The harbor and shipping is still an important activity for the city, which in addition to the industrial harbor also has one of Southern Jutland’s largest marinas.

Read more about Aabenraa harbor here.

Brundlund Castle – Museum

Brundlund Castle is located in the center of Aabenraa and is today used as an art museum. Around the castle is a moat, so access to the castle is via a bridge.

The castle has a nice castle garden, with some statues and other exhibits. The garden is used as a park by the town’s citizens and is located right by the castle mill river, where many people look down past in the summer to the many ducks that live in the river and by the mill.

Read more about the exhibitions and the history of the castle here.