Facilities at Aabenraa City Camping

Service building

Main building with reception, kitchen and common room

If you need help, we are ready to help in the reception

The main building is located right at the entrance of the campsite. Here we have two terraces for shared cosiness, where there is an opportunity to use a large barbecue or just enjoy an ice cream.

The main building contains reception, small shop, café, kitchen, common room as well as toilet and shower facilities.

In the reception, we try to create informative opportunities about experiences in Aabenraa and the rest of Southern Jutland. Here you will find brocuers as well as a screen where you can enter Destination Sønderjylland directly. Here it is possible to surf around and chat with people from the tourist office. The reception staff is always ready to help you find the activities and experiences that fits you.

In the small shop you can order breakfast from the bakery or order a breakfast buffet. It is also possible to buy ice cream, sweets, drinks etc.

From the kitchen and common room there is direct access to the terrace, so it is easy and simple to enjoy your meals both inside and outside.

The common room is large and is furnished with a TV where most channels are offered. If you are a large family or several carriages travelling together, the room is ideal for gathering in.

Main building

Living room

Centrally located service building

High quality cleaning and maintenance

At Aabenraa City Camping the service building is centrally located and since the site is not that big, you will always be close to the facilities no matter where on the site you are located.

The service building contains

  • Shared kitchen with covered terrace
  • Two standard family rooms
  • A children’s room with changing table
  • Disability facilities
  • Men’s and women’s department with bathrooms, sinks and toilets
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Chemical emptying option

    We want the facilities to appear neat and clean, which is why we clean the building several times a day. We also want and expect our guests to help ensure that the facilities are delivered in the same standard as they were received in.

    Yours sincerely
    Team Aabenraa City Camping

Service building